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Sarah Bunjevac was born in Welland, Ontario, to a Serbian immigrant parents. She spent formative years in Yugoslavia where she obtained degree in Veterinary Medicine. After moving back to Canada she settled in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma. For those who are not familiar with the city, it is beautifully located in the geographic location where the narrows of Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Michigan come together.

This part of Canada is known for its pristine nature which inspired many artists, including  famous Canadian Group of Seven impressionists painters.

Sarah is coming from artistic family, she spent countless hours of private lessons and courses, learning art theory and practical techniques.

 Sarah is an oil painter and her subjects are mostly still life and landscapes. The beauty of Algoma provides ceaseless inspiration for her landscapes which are highly influenced by Canadian Impressionists. On the other hand, her still life paintings have distinct style of combination of realism and art deco.